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billVISTA™ provides patients the ability to view their Patient Friendly Bills, go paperless, update account information, establish payment arrangements based on the hospital's credit policies, schedule automatic monthly withdrawals, and pay bills in full 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. billVISTA™ also provides clients with a secure online portal where payments can be processed by hospital staff in real time and all transactions can be viewed, refunded, and downloaded in a custom report or 835 file. In addition, the client portal can be used by hospital staff to set up and manage recurring payment withdrawals, create customized donation pages, and view online payment statistics.

Step One - Web Design

With the assistance of an EMA representative, a brief initial interview will be conducted to determine what billVISTA™ features the hospital would like to enable, such as: bill viewing, types of payments accepted, guest checkout, account management, advance payment option, automatic payment withdrawals and payment plan negotiating.

At the conclusion of the initial interview, EMA will then present an implementation outline to illustrate the process for the client which typically takes less than a total of 10 hours over the course of 45 days. Utilizing the information gathered during the interview, EMA will design a working web site that will mirror the hospital's web site on a test server for the clients review. All applicable hospital staff will then be provided with hyperlink to the access and review the functionality of the billVISTA™ features chosen for the new web site.

While developing the billVISTA™ web site for the patients' use, EMA will also develop a customized Client Portal for hospital staff to process payments. By utilizing billVISTA™ to process all payments for both patients and individual departments, EMA can provide customized reports with all pertinent data to process the payments electronically into any Hospital Information System. This includes payments is taken over the internet, by phone, and by swiping a credit card in person or at a kiosk. All features included in the Client Portal (such as Payment Processing, Viewing & Refunding Transactions, Recurring Payments Portal, Reports, Managing Events, Managing Users and Statistics Dashboards) have been developed specifically for the healthcare industry and can be customized by client and user.

Step Two - Implementation

With the client's assistance, EMA will set up the Payment Gateway through its preferred partner, An Payment Gateway account allows your billVISTA™ services to accept credit cards and electronic checks securely online 24/7. processes HSA cards, FSA cards, major credit cards, and accepts electronic checks via eCheck.netŪ. In addition, securely stores payment tokenization information through Customer Information Manager (CIM) which allows recurring payments to be controlled and updated through billVISTA™.

Before the implementation process for the Gateway can be completed, a Merchant Service Provider must also be chosen. The hospital will have the choice of utilizing an existing Merchant Service Provider already established with the hospital or selecting one of E-Management's Strategic Merchant Service Provider Partners. For those who choose to select one of E-Management's Strategic Merchant Service Provider Partners, there are numerous benefits such as: Free billVISTA™ services, Revenue Sharing for qualified hospitals, Superior Customer Service, and Competitive Pricing from a Merchant Service Provider that understands and rewards low risk payment processing specifically designed for Healthcare Providers.

Following the creation and set up of the Gateway and Merchant Service Provider, the next step is to begin Controlled Environment Testing. Utilizing actual patient data and payments, EMA and the hospital will assess all patient web site features, Client Portal features, Card Swipes, billVISTA™ reports, reports and Merchant Service Provider reports until all processes are perfect.

Step Three - billVISTA™ Integration

At the completion of the Controlled Environment Testing, EMA and the hospital will orchestrate the integration of all billVISTA™ services with the hospital's HIS and web site. For those hospitals that have chosen to utilize additional EMA patient billing services, EMA will begin print QR Codes for mobile payments along with other statement revisions to promote online payment and can also include promotional inserts with statements for a predetermined period of time.

We stand by our work 100%. In most cases there are no implementation fees and there are never any long term contracts or obligations; instead, we rely on customer satisfaction. For this reason, every client has a designated Client Services Executive and a help line for general inquires or assistance. All billVISTA™ activity is monitored daily by EMA's own data analysts. Client Service Executives also evaluate the performance of each client's billVISTA™ services monthly and conduct Quarterly Progress Review Meetings to discuss the performance, suggest possible improvement and review billVISTA™ enhancements.

billVISTA™ statistics and benchmarking information can be viewed online at any time and includes information such as: number of visits by time of day, number of statements viewed, number of payments made with or without QR Codes, methods of payment and average amounts paid, number of Payment Arrangements established, number of Recurring Payments established, and new insurance or demographic information provided. In addition, customized reporting is available at no additional cost. Custom reports are available on demand daily, weekly or monthly and can be viewed online or delivered by secure email.

A Partnership for Online Innovation

Designed by a group of healthcare professionals and web developers with decades of experience in patient billing, all billVISTA™ services are tailored for each client and patients' specific needs in mind.

All sensitive patient, banking, and credit card information is securely transferred, encrypted, and stored on our HIPAA, PCI and DSS certified servers. All information is insured by a one million dollar Cyber Liability Policy through Lloyd's of London.

EMA has been providing patient billing services for more than two decades. We are customer service and accounts receivable specialists, engaged specifically in problem solving solutions and communications. Client feedback is not only welcomed, but encouraged, to continually develop billVISTA™ enhancements for its community and to be customized for each client's specific needs.